The Transition Towns Movement formed in 2005 because the Government was not doing enough to prevent greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. They were not even preparing for the worst, let alone preventing it. The Transition Movement aims to enable communities to build resilience to extremes of climate, and to live well without energy from fossil fuels.

In January 2009, when Transition Eynsham Area formed, the timescale showed that if the nation and the world were to make any impression on the climate trend we would need to radically overhaul our energy saving programme and we would need BIG renewable energy NOW!

Local climate groups have made commendable efforts at reducing energy consumption, and at generating renewable energy. However, if we are as a nation and a planet to fulfil all our energy needs by non-fossil-fuel means, only a dedicated and sustained effort at government level will do. To this end a Policy and Campaigns Working Group was formed in Sept 2009. This group has recently become incorporated into the Core Group. The idea is to generate grass roots pressure by letters, petitions and publicity, to push Councils and Government into the necessary planning, legislation and action to create local and national energy conservation and renewable energy projects. In other words, we will campaign for ‘powering down’ and for ‘powering up’.

Of course, at first, it was necessary to raise public awareness locally about GreenTEA and its aims. This has been done most effectively by the activities of the various working groups which you can see elsewhere on the website.

3.3.09 Presentation to Eynsham Parish Council about the Transition Movement.

31.8.09 Letter to David Cameron MP, for views on climate change action, and support.

30.9.09 Formation of the Council Liaison [later ‘Policy’] Working Group.

5.12.09 Members of the group gained enthusiasm and impetus by attending ‘The climate march from Grosvenor Square to the Houses of Parliament, organised by the Campaign against Climate Change. [Ten members of Green TEA went].

12.12.09 Candlelight Vigil for Copenhagen in Eynsham Square.
Organiser: Maggie Bicknell [6-7 TEA members present].

12.3.10 Q&A meeting with David Cameron MP and other constituency climate groups. [42 representatives present].

22.3.10 Local Development Framework – submission to WODC.

10.6.10 Start of the ‘Letters to DC’ (Jiminy Cricket) campaign by chairman, Stephen Yeo.

31.1.11 GreenTEA representation to the Parish Council re. planning application for Fruitlands

7.3.11 Local Development Framework – further submission to WODC.

17.6.11 David Cameron MP’s surgery re – Energy Bill (7 attended, 5 from GreenTEA)

13.9.12 Policy Group annexed by Core Group.

9.11.12 Letter to David Cameron MP re 2030 decarbonisation target.
1.12.12 Climate March London (Ros & Angie went)

14.5.13 BBC Radio Oxford – interview about GreenTEA (Ros Kent)

Planned for Autumn 2013 ‘Energy for all’ meeting with DC, convened by Sustainable Witney.