There are two main aspects to our work in the energy field:

helping people to use less energy (Powering Down)
generating electricity that doesn’t produce carbon (Powering Up)

Powering Down
We have a number of activities and resources which can help you to reduce energy usage:

  • A report giving energy saving recommendations and examples of simple things people in Eynsham and surrounding villages are doing to save energy.
  • Information on insulation options: most homes in the Eynsham Area can cut their energy costs and their carbon output. The easiest way of doing that is by insulating houses. This leaflet contains some examples of images and interpretation, suggestions for improvements and advice on fitting, supplies and funding.
  • Thermal Imaging: GreenTEA has an infrared camera which takes images which show the heat escaping from a building. This can be helpful in identifying areas which could benefit from insulation (such as lofts and cavity walls), as well as finding leaks and suggesting other simpler measures for saving energy. These surveys need to be carried out 3-4 hours after sunset, in order to distinguish heat loss from inside the house from heat stored by the walls from the sun. In addition surveys can not be done during or after rainy weather. However we have already managed to survey over 400 houses, and will be continuing the program this winter (2013-14). To join the list for this free service, please email your name, address and telephone number to
    More detailed information is available on the thermal imaging page.
  • Draught-proofing: GreenTEA has previously arranged draught-proofing tests and can recommend a local company, contact us if you would like to know more. Draught proofing can be a cheap and easy way of improving the thermal comfort of your house and saving energy.
  • Advice relating to energy saving in private rented accommodation including advice for tenants, advice for landlords, and advice for elderly and vulnerable people.
  • Support for Community Buildings (Village Halls, Churches, etc.): the thermal imaging program has recently taken images of several of the community buildings in the village. We are happy to hear from representatives of any community buildings who would like advice on lowering their carbon emissions
  • Calculating footprints: GreenTEA helps people to calculate their own (or their families’) carbon footprint. We use a computer programme which inputs your spending on electricity and gas over the past year, your travel (work and holiday), your pets (yes), and even your eating styles (vegetarian, or not) – and it shows you, instantly, your total carbon output, what proportion comes from energy, travel, food, pets, etc. –  and how you compare to other people in Britain and in the world.
    GreenTEA can offer advice on how you can cut your carbon consumption over a year. You’re free to decide what steps to take – there’s no guilt-tripping or difficult maths involved. Just the chance to help the planet and save money on your energy bills. This service is completely free – click here to sign up.
  • Lifestyle: how much carbon we consume depends to a large extent on our lifestyle. GreenTEA runs Carbon Conversations, a 6 x 2-hours course which encourages people to think about  the carbon-effect of their lifestyle (train or plane,  oranges from Peru or Spain, replacing the microwave, etc. To sign up click here.
  • Evidence of saving energy through insulation measures – a case study of an Eynsham resident.
  • Energy Saving: Celebrating and Sharing Your Achievements – we are collecting evidence that people in Eynsham and surrounding villages are insulating their homes and/or reducing their energy bills. If you too have insulated your home or changed your behaviour in some way and would like to celebrate this and share what you have done with others, please email us and we will add it to this collection.

Powering Up


Green TEA is working with the Low Carbon Hub to contribute to The People’s Power Station. We are using the vision of replacing Didcot Power Station with renewable sources of energy and energy saving as a way to galvanise community interest and activity. In 2012 we successfully brokered three solar photovoltaic (PV)  installations on community buildings in Eynsham – two in partnership with the Low Carbon Hub and one installed independently by Bartholomew School. We overcame huge hurdles to bring that to fruition and David Cameron, our MP, came to open the Village Hall scheme in September 2012.