The food group focuses on how we shop, what we buy, and what we can grow. All of these choices have an impact on the carbon footprint of the Eynsham Area.

About 47% of the household carbon emissions in the UK comes from food – higher than energy and transport. If we all stopped wasting food which we could have eaten, the benefit to the planet would be the equivalent of taking one in five cars off the road! See Love Food Hate Waste

In Eynsham we are very lucky to have excellent sources of local produce;

  • The Market Garden greengrocers
  • The Natural Bread shop – bakers
  • Golsby’s Butchers
  • The Co-op – which is committed to providing local products and to supporting its own UK farmers
  • A weekly Country Market – run by the WI
  • A weekly Wet Fish Van

So surely we don’t need to shop anywhere else. There is more detail information on the Eynsham Community Website

We also have a thriving community of growers, harvesters, and allotment-holders, shared plots. For Eynsham Allotment Association click here.

Inspired by Incredible Edible we are now developing our own edible Eynsham with several small orchards of fruit trees and herbs and edible fruit in the Parish Council tubs in the Square.

What we do:

  • plant Apple and other fruit trees around the village, on footpaths and land with public access see Eynsham as Orchard
  • learn to prune and graft fruit trees: here is a useful guide to how to do this and some images showing sawing technique, pruning technique and a birds eye view of an apple tree
  • map foraging opportunities
  • host an annual Fruit and Food Festival with its popular Apple-share and apple-juicing
  •  promote local and seasonal food wherever we can – eating together, sharing ideas, and recipes and at the Fruit Festival
  • support local schools to plant trees and gardens
  • plant Food for Free in the Parish Council tubs in the Square.
  • support and network aspiring growers with shared plots see three great links: Bunty’s Blog, Seed to Plate, and Garden Organic
  • join others to promote local shopping
  • link with the Co-op and support their efforts to encourage people to shop in Eynsham
  • arrange free compost give-aways.

Coming up in 2013

April – Time to Grow at St Peter’s School, School

28 September – Annual Fruit and Nut Festival in Eynsham

Recent events

April – Time to Grow – a tomato seedling giveaway

Oct – Time to Eat – Apples and Love apples (tomatoes) with stalls, tasting, cycle powered smoothies etc

Oct – Compost giveaway, in conjunction with Agrivert and the Eynsham allotments