Work with Schools

One of Green TEA’s aims is to work more closely with local schools. Children are not only “the future”, they are often a good access point to parents.

For the past two years Green TEA has run a green fair at St Peter’s Primary School, Cassington, in partnership with the school’s eco-group. In 2012 the whole school participated in planting two apple trees and in 2013 the children were invited to plant a pea seedling to take home. Alongside these focal events were a children’s swap shop, competitions, a raffle and refreshments to raise money for the school. The school would like this to become an annual event.

Green TEA has also paid for outside groups to run workshops on environmental issues at both Bartholomew School in Eynsham and St Peters in Cassington.
A copy of the educational Cut your Carbon game used in one of these workshops was donated to the primary school in Eynsham and has been used with local cub scouts.