Each year we generate nearly 300 million tonnes of waste – that’s nearly 5 tonnes for each person (including, perhaps especially, children!) This waste causes environmental damage and costs businesses – and consumers – money.
Things are getting better: we re-cycle about four times as much waste now as we did ten years ago.
However there’s still a long way to go. We produce about 8 million tonnes of food-and-drink waste – 7 million tonnes of which is food. Think of that – 7 million tonnes of food. Even if you didn’t eat it, you could make electricity out of it – and save carbon. A tonne of food waste, converted into electricity, saves the equivalent of a tonne of carbon dioxide. GreenTEA’s Waste Group started life as the Eynsham Area Waste Watchers (EAWW). EAWW is a community action group, representing Eynsham, Cassington, Aston and other neighbouring villages. We aim to hold a Swap Shop every 6 months, to help people recycle and save resources.