What GreenTEA is about

The industrialised world is completely dependent on fossil fuels, most notably oil. This is unsustainable because no one is making any more of it – and we are using what there is faster than anyone can discover more (even allowing for fracking shale oil). There is also overwhelming evidence that burning these same fossil fuels is changing the climate.

Governments are aware that as the oil runs out our economy faces a collapse which makes the current recession look trivial, but they have been unwilling to do much about it because they are frightened that the voters will not accept anything which is less convenient than their current lifestyle.

The Transition Towns Network – of which GreenTEA is the local branch for Eynsham and the surrounding area between Oxford and Witney – aims to show what can be done to make the Transition from an oil-dependent economy to one that uses only renewable energy and is therefore sustainable indefinitely.

By showing that a low-energy, low-carbon lifestyle can still retain the benefits of modern civilisation, we hope to remove the fear of an unknown future and allow our politicians to take the important decisions they need to make to secure our future and that of our children and grandchildren.

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